Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Asbestos and Taconite

Research into the mineral taconite and its effects on health is under way at the University of Minnesota. Previous research has shown that mesothelioma in Iron Range where taconite is mined occurs at twice the rate as the rest of the state.

Researchers are now looking for a link between taconite and mesothelioma. Because the symptoms associated with taconite are so similar to those of asbestos, the research could lead to an expansion of the definition of asbestos that would include taconite.

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Imaging Software Could Help Mesothelioma Patients

Vitrea(R) imaging software could have a profound effect on the diagnosis of mesothelioma and other asbestos related diseases. The software, created by Vital Images, allows researchers to enhance imaging from CT scans.

The high resolution and enhancement ability with these scans will allow doctors and researchers to look very closely at affected areas, possibly leading to earlier and better detection and treatment of the diseases.

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Library to Shut Down for Asbestos Removal

The Prendergast Library in Jamestown, New York will be shutting down for a few months soon. The building contains asbestos in several areas that are going to be renovated and needs to be shut down to remove that asbestos.

Once the library has its asbestos removed from ceilings, floors and ballasts, the renovations will begin. Renovations in any building that contains asbestos must be preceded by abatement according to federal law.

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Medical Grant for Libby, MT

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has issued a grant for Libby, Montana and the surrounding area. $6 million will be dispersed over two years from August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2011.

$2 million will come from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention while the other $4 million will come from a program of the HRSA. Lincoln County residents who have been affected by asbestos from the former Libby vermiculite mine will be able to receive better medical care because of this grant.

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Recycling Plant Fire Releases Asbestos

In the UK,  a recycling plant caught fire and took 100 fire fighters about 5 hours to get under control. The plant contained a large amount of recycled asbestos material and was located in an area near many homes.

Approximately 80 people had to flee their homes because of the fire. Unfortunately, their problems may still not be over. The asbestos from the plant was burned and may have become airborne. People in the area are likely in danger of asbestos exposure.

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Asbestos Sufferers Await Payout Decision

In the UK, sufferers of pleural plaques brought on by asbestos exposure are unable to take legal action against the parties responsible for their conditions. However, they are now awaiting a decision from the Ministry of Justice that could change that.

In 2007, it was ruled that there should be no more compensation to asbestos disease sufferers. Now, it is expected that the government will allow 5,000 pounds for the 6,500 pleural plaque victims who currently have cases on hold. However, future claims will likely not be accepted.

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Asbestos Removal in Cedar Falls Building

Asbestos abatement, or removal, of a building is very important to the people who live in, work in or otherwise occupy that structure. Asbestos is an incredibly dangerous substance that can be found in most old buildings. Because of this, the federal government mandates that all old buildings undergoing renovations or destruction need to have asbestos abatement first.

In Cedar Falls, Iowas, the city council has agreed to just that. The Dalton building, which the city has owned since 2002, is slated for destruction. Recently, the city council approved a contract to have the asbestos in the building removed by Affordable Hazards Removal Inc. The city will pay the company $24,045 for the job.

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King Chevrolet Asbestos Abatement in Tyler, TX

In Tyler, Texas, city council has announced its plans for asbestos abatement in the former King Chevrolet property that is now owned by the city. The city purchased about 8.65 acres of land from King Chevrolet in 2008.

The city has not announced any plans for the property, but it must complete asbestos abatement before any actions can be taken. The contract for the abatement has gone to Air Quality Associates for $46,775.

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Middle School to Receive Pre Demolition Asbestos Abatement

Broughal Middle School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is expected to begin an asbestos abatement project on Monday July 20. The abatement will be performed in such a way that will not preserve the building because it is slated for demolition.

While the building does have asbestos problems, it is considered somewhat historic. As such, the school board is entertaining offers to buy the building through the end of the week. However, anyone who buys the school would have to complete the asbestos abatement as well.

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Asbestos Cleanup for AZ Elementary School

West Elementary School in Coolidge, Arizona was starting summer renovations when they found asbestos in 24 classrooms. The school will now have to clear those rooms of asbestos before being able to perform the planned renovations.

Fortunately, the asbestos was uncovered over the summer when there were no students around. Officials from the school also say that they expect to have the asbestos abatement completed before the end of the summer, allowing the school to reopen in time for the start of the school year.

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