Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Article Published About Preventing Chest Tumors at Sites of Instrumentation

A group of mesothelioma researchers has published an article in the journal Lung Cancer about current methods used to prevent the development and growth of cancerous tumors at the site of instrumentation for surgeries.  The diagnosis of mesothelioma requires biopsies in which instruments are inserted into the body, and catheters often need to be inserted to drain fluid.  Additionally, mesothelioma patients often require fluid to be drained from the chest cavity.  These sites of intrusion are more prone to develop tumors.

The doctors reviewed the practice of preventing the growth of these cancerous cells through the prophylactic irradiation of tracts (PIT), the method that has been used to prevent cancer growth for about 20 years.  They did not come to a consensus about this method’s efficacy.

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