Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Parents worry children were exposed to asbestos at school

Parents of students at Mackay North State High School and Moranbah East State School fear that their children have been exposed to asbestos, a dangerous substance linked to the development of the cancer mesothelioma.

Recently, students were removed from classrooms because asbestos particles had been disturbed. Although the children are no longer in those classrooms, they were in them for a short time after the asbestos particles had been disturbed. Asbestos does not become a health hazard until it is disturbed, which releases particles that can be inhaled. Once inhaled, they lodge themselves into the lining of the lungs and eventually lead to the formation of tumors, normally over the course of years or decades. Nineteen classrooms and five staff rooms have been closed off to prevent students and teachers from being around the toxic material.

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