Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Asbestos found near South Carolina roadway project

A road project in South Carolina has been put on halt after asbestos was found near the area. The road project is called “Pennies for Progress” and will run by a new middle school that will be opening next year.

County officials approved $570,000 for asbestos cleanup in the area. The material must be removed in order to keep the residents of the community safe. Inhaling asbestos is the primary cause of mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.

The asbestos removal will take six months to complete and will be beginning on July 26. A company in North Carolina was awarded the job. More funds were approved in order for the crew to look further around the area to make sure that all of the hazardous material are removed.

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Ohio theater receives $200,000 for asbestos abatement

The Gordon Square Theater has received $200,000 in federal stimulus money to perform asbestos abatement and other renovations on the building.

The building is one of three performance venues in Cleveland and has recently undergone a huge renovation project. The absestos renovation project will not only make things safer for people who attend performances in the building,but it will also create jobs in the area.

Asbestos can be very harmful when it is disturbed, it can lodge in a person’s lung where it can remain dormant for many years. It is then known to cause lung cancers such as mesothelioma. The asbestos removal on the building is occurring in the ceiling and will begin in January.

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Widow files asbestos lawsuit over death of husband

A widow has named 98 defendants in an asbestos lawsuit after the death of her husband. The suit was filed on June 4, and is the fifteenth asbestos suit that has been filed in the St. Clair County Court this year.

The woman claims that all 98 defendants were contributed to her husband’s death for failing to provide reasonable care for husband. Her husband worked as a boilermaker from 1963 to 2001 and was diagnosed with asbestos-related lung cancer. Inhaling asbestos fibers can cause lung cancers, mesothelioma, and asbestosis which can all be fatal.

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Mine company may be responsible for 400 deaths in Montana

According to health workers, WR Grace Co. may be responsible for 400 deaths in Libby, Montana for asbestos exposure. The Environmental Protection Agency has said assured people that the government will continue to clean up the toxic areas.

The mines associated with the company are vermiculite mines, which are natural mines that expand with heat. The first vermiculite mine was started in Libby and bought by WR Grace in the 1960s and operated them until the 1990s.

These mines also have a direct link to the state of Michigan because over 162,000 tons of the mine material was sent to Michigan  over a 40 year period. The process in which the plant exfoliated the ore to produce vermiculite attics released particles of asbestos into the air. Inhaling asbestos particles can lead to the development of a rare cancer, mesothelioma.

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