Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

W.V. couple names 80 defendants in their asbestos suit

A West Virginia couple has named 80 defendants in a lawsuit that states that they are responsible for exposing the man to asbestos, which later caused him to develop lung cancer.

The man was diagnosed with lung cancer on Sept. 16 and he is claiming that the companies named in the suit are negligent and caused him to develop the cancer by having contaminated buildings. The man smoked from 1937 to 1968 and worked for Columbia gas from 1948 to 1990.

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Asbestos dumped illegally in Ohio

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has announced that they are still looking for the individuals that dumped 60 bags of asbestos material in two areas in Ohio in 2010.

Investigators found that one area had 37 bags and the other had 23. The origins of the asbestos is unknown at this point, but it is suggested that both dump sites were done by the same individual or individuals.

On December 31, a third dump site was found and the EPA announced that they are stepping up the investigation on the issue in order to prevent anymore damage to be done.

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Asbestos worries at Broward County Courthouse

Broward County has asbestos worries and is now testing the court house and three judges have moved their office for health concerns.

The old section of the courthouse was built in the fifties and has has multiple issues. Demolition on the building is planned to take place in the middle of the year.

One reason for the demolition is the mold that has been caused by flooding and rain damage. At this time, asbestos, which is said to be contained, is leaking on the ninth floor. With this concern, more judges may be asked to be moved so that they are farther from the area.

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Three Ohio buildings to undergo Asbestos removal

Ohio state officials released the names of the building that will be undergoing Asbestos removal after receiving grants from Ohio’s Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund. Each building will be receiving a grant of nearly $200,000 to help remove the asbestos.

The fund was started after a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency and it offers loans to non-profit organizations and other government bodies to help with property clean up from hazardous substances.

Asbestos is known to cause lung cancer and mesothelioma if the fibers are breathed into a person’s lungs. It was used commonly in the construction industry before the 1980s.

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