Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Indiana company fined for asbestos violations

An Indiana company has been fined $137,000 in asbestos violations after the state of Indiana found that the violated the federal law on how to dispose and remove asbestos.

The Indiana Department of Labor found that Ford Lumber Supply Inc. violated 16 regulations in a project involving asbestos. The company failed to provide the safety measurements in order to protect their employees from being exposed to asbestos.

Respirators were not given to the employees and they were not even allowed to clean dust pans to remove toxic material. Asbestos exposure is the leading cause of mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer.

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Mesothelioma lawsuit results in $41 million result

A mesothelioma lawsuit has resulted in a $41 million settlement after a California plumber filed the suit against Kaiser Gypsum Company Inc. and FDDC California, Inc.

The man alleges that the two companies failed to inform the employees of the dangers of asbestos and failed to protect them from the dangerous substance. The jury determined that the company was negligent and awarded the man $1,273,421 in economic damages, $15 million in non-economic damages and $5 million for a loss of consortium.

Then on May 10, the jury also decided that Kaiser Gympsum acted with malice and added $20 million to the settlement forĀ  punitive damage penalties.

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Mississippi man awarded $322 million in asbestos lawsuit

A jury has awarded a Mississippi man $322 million in an asbestos lawsuit after he claimed that he inhaled asbestos while mixing drilling mud that was produced by Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. and Union Carbide Co.

The verdict was handed down last week and was the largest award that has been given in a single plaintiff asbestos case. The 48-year-old man has asbestosis and is required to use oxygen 24 hours a day.

The man began to work in the oil field when he was 16 and for a period usedĀ  asbestos while drilling. Thirty years later, he was diagnosed with this disease. The suit states that the company knew of the dangers that were associated with asbestos and continued to market the products.

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Movie to be made about Mesothelioma patient Steve McQueen

A new movie is scheduled to made about Mesothelioma cancer victim, Steve McQueen. It has just been announced that Jeremy Renner, an exciting actor in this generation, will play him.

The legendary actor, Steve McQueen, died at age 50 of mesothelioma cancer. He once said in an interview that he was diagnosed with this due to his exposure to asbestos.

He stated that he wore suits aligned with asbestos and stripped asbestos from poles when he was a Marine. After he was diagnosed, he sought out an experimental surgery in Mexico, but was deemed to weak for it.

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