Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Theater to undergo asbestos removal after grant awarded

The city of Steubenville, Ohio has recently received a grant of nearly $96,700 in order to have the asbestos removed from the Grand Theater that is located on Fourth Street.

The grant is given as a part of the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund and the Clean Ohio Council has approved nearly $19 million in grants at this time.

According to the Herald Star online, these grants will be involved in nearly 11 cleanup projects, which are estimated to create nearly 900 jobs for residents in the area. After the asbestos removal at the Grand Theater, it will be reopened as a movie theater and performing arts center.

The Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund is a competitive fund that provides up to $3 million in grants to help with environmental cleanup, improving infrastructure, acquiring new property and demolishing structures if needed.

Asbestos bill to be heard in Louisiana Senate Committee

A bill is currently in the Louisiana Senate Committee will change the way the discovery process in asbestos cases is handled.

The House Bill 477  is an asbestos bankruptcy bill that will require plaintiffs in asbestos cases to give a full list of defendants during the discovery process of the bill.

Those who are in favor of the bill have stated that this will prevent people from being able to receive multiple settlements for the injuries. A problem arises in the distinction between asbestos lawsuits of claims against bankruptcy trusts that occurred as companies went out of business due to liquidation to pay for asbestos-related suits.

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Oak Ridge cleanup workers file asbestos lawsuit

Nearly half-dozen Oak Ridge cleanup workers have filed a lawsuit in Roane County Circuit Court after claiming that they were exposed to asbestos without protective gear, along with other hazardous material, nearly a decade ago.

The lawsuit was filed last weekend and is seeking compensation from a number of government contractors who were involved in a cleanup project in 2000 and 2001 at the Department of Energy’s K-25 plant.

Six plaintiffs filed the lawsuit after working at R&R Electric Corp. as independent contractors. The plaintiffs claim in the lawsuit that they were told that the condensers that they were using did not contain asbestos particles and that they were denied protective gear when they asked for it.

They are now claiming that they were exposed to asbestos among other toxic materials while working. Lawyers representing the men have stated that they have experienced medical problems as a result of being exposed at the Oak Ridge Cleanup.

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Machine makers can now be sued by asbestos victims

An appeals court ruled this week that asbestos victims can file lawsuits against the maker of brake shoe grinding machines after it was determined that asbestos fibers were released from the lining of the brakes.

The lawsuits were filed by a former mechanic and three other families who lost their loved one to an asbestos-related disease. The lawsuits state that the machine, made by Hennessy Industries, exposed the workers to asbestos.

The mechanic is suffering from asbestosis and the three other victims passed away in 2007 and 2008. This ruling overturned a decision made in June 2010 that stated that Hennessy Industries did not use asbestos in the machine and that they were not responsible for toxic substances that may have come from other company’s products.

The decision was reversed because it was discovered that the purpose of the machines was to grind down the lining of brakes, which would release asbestos as a result.

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Philadelphia fire house closes because of asbestos concern

The fire house that is home to Ladder 15 and Medic Unit 47 will be closed in order to fix repairs, according to the Philadelphia Fire Department.

The fire department stated that the closure is due to an investigation to a possible asbestos presence on the encasing of some of the older pipes. Asbestos is a toxic material that is known to cause lung cancer, such as mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Asbestos is usually not a threat until it is disturbed. Once it becomes airborne, it can lodge into the lung and metastasize. All of the firefighters and medic members will be transferred to nearby firehouses while their home station is closed. Once all repairs are done, the firehouse will be reopened.

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