Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Theater to undergo asbestos removal after grant awarded

The city of Steubenville, Ohio has recently received a grant of nearly $96,700 in order to have the asbestos removed from the Grand Theater that is located on Fourth Street.

The grant is given as a part of the Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund and the Clean Ohio Council has approved nearly $19 million in grants at this time.

According to the Herald Star online, these grants will be involved in nearly 11 cleanup projects, which are estimated to create nearly 900 jobs for residents in the area. After the asbestos removal at the Grand Theater, it will be reopened as a movie theater and performing arts center.

The Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund is a competitive fund that provides up to $3 million in grants to help with environmental cleanup, improving infrastructure, acquiring new property and demolishing structures if needed.

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