Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Two indicted after Riverside asbestos removal

Two men were recently indicted on charges of improperly removing asbestos from a former hospital in Riverside.

According to court officials, the two men, ages 53 and 59, were charged with illegally removing asbestos without a license, using workers that were not qualified to do so, and failing to use the correct equipment when removing the carcinogenic.

The former hospital is a four story building that was used as a hospital between the years 1935 and 1995 and then a nursing home until 2005. The building was then vacant until its demolition in 2010. The contractors allegedly used inmates and day laborers to do the job and failed to follow state and federal laws that are put in place in order to remove the products safely.


City awarded grant to remove asbestos from 20 structures

The City of Mt. Pleasant has recently been awarded a grant of nearly $200,000 to cleanup asbestos from nearly 20 building structures. The grant comes from the Environmental Protection Agency and will focus mainly on the Mt. Pleasant Center.

The Mt. Pleasant Center spans across nearly 300 acres and contains 21 different structures, many of which have been closed because of the asbestos contamination.

Tunnels, a road network and a power plant are also a part of the center. The city does not know what they will use when it reopens. Residents will help decide and the city commission will make a final vote later this year.

Asbestos exposure has been linked to the development of a rare and aggressive cancer called Mesothelioma, contact the asbestos help center if this has happened to you or a family member.

Pasco High School begins to work on asbestos abatement

Beginning this week, Pasco High School will close certain areas in order for workers to remove asbestos from them.

As of right now, the school’s roof contains asbestos particles, which is now a known carcinogen. It was commonly used in building materials and can become very dangerous if is disturbed because it it can then lodge into the lungs.

According to the story in The News Tribune online, this type of asbestos is considered non-friable and it is more difficult to break apart, meaning that it is less dangerous. The workers will be wearing protective gear and the asbestos will be wet before it is removed.

Study: Mesothelioma may be caused by erionite exposure in road dust

A new study done at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center shows that erionite that shows up in road dust may lead to the development of mesothelioma.

In the study, mice were injected with erionite that was found on the roadways in North Dakota and the mice later were found to be inflamed and have abnormal cell growth, both of which are early signs of mesothelioma. This same research team previously linked to exposure erionite and road dust in certain Turkish villages.

Most mesothelioma that occurs is from exposure to asbestos and symptoms include chest wall pain, fatigue, wheezing, unexplained weight loss, and shortness of breath. This new research shows that asbestos may not be the only cause for mesothelioma.





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