Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Washington Department of Corrections fined for asbestos violations

The Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) was recently ordered to pay a fine for allegedly exposing inmate workers to asbestos minerals, a Northwest Public Radio article stated on April 23.

Although the original fine was $140,000, the settlement between the DOC and The Department of Labor and Industries cut that amount in half. The settlement also dictated that the DOC must properly train nearly 1,000 employees on how to safely work with asbestos. Investigations by the Department of Labor and Industries revealed that the DOC put inmate workers at risk by allowing them to sweep asbestos-laden tile floors and also did not enforce the use of respirators while on the job. The DOC admitted no guilt and denied that employees or inmates were unsafely exposed to asbestos dust.

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Asbestos removal contractor in Massachusetts fined for violations

An asbestos removal firm in Massachusetts was recently ordered to pay a fine worth $24,400 after the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) ruled that they violated asbestos regulations, an article on 22News stated on April 7.

According to reports, contractor firm MJ Environmental improperly extracted asbestos in a building at Bartlett Street in Pittsfield in 2012. The Mass DEP has initially required the firm to pay at least $10,000, but will waive the remaining balance of the fine if MJ properly follows the state’s regulations for removing asbestos for the next two years.

Mass DEP stressed the accountability of asbestos removal firms in protecting the health of the public.

If not properly removed, asbestos may be accidentally inhaled by unsuspecting people, causing them serious, potentially fatal, health problems. To learn more about asbestos and how people exposed to the mineral can get help, please feel free to fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Wisconsin governor signs asbestos lawsuit bill

On March 27, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the controversial asbestos lawsuit bill that is opposed by Democrats and victims of asbestos, an article from the Star Tribune stated.

According to spokeswoman Laurel Patrick, the new law will prevent the legal counsel of asbestos victims from “double dipping.” Under the new bill that was signed by Gov. Walker before he went to Las Vegas, those filing asbestos lawsuits must identify the companies that they will sue.

Supporters of the bill claimed the amendments were necessary to protect the asbestos trust funds from multiple claims filed by victims. On the other hand, democrats and veterans have criticized the asbestos bill because it may prevent asbestos victims from getting the justice and compensation they deserve.

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