Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Retired man discovers lung damage from asbestos exposure

In Australia, a former council worker recently discovered that his prolonged asbestos exposure while working at a council building over 20 years ago caused his lungs to develop plaque, Lakes Mail reported on May 21.

Retired Rathmines man Noel Emerton, 68, recently found out that the old building he worked at was filled with asbestos sheeting. His subsequent chest x-ray revealed the lung damage. Emerton fears that his former co-workers at the storage facility in Stilling Street may also have the condition. Although authorities confirmed that the establishment where Emerton used to work was lined with asbestos, they stated that the workplace is now safe. Emerton insisted that other former workers should be notified, so they know to undergo checkups to find out if they have also been affected by exposure.

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Tacoma asbestos removal firm faked training, documents

A Tacoma-based asbestos removal company on pleaded guilty on May 2 of providing fake workers’ training and other fraudulent acts, an article by the Seattle Times reported on May 3.

According to state’s assistant attorney Joshua Choate, Emergency Management Training (EMT) has been conducting bogus training sessions and performing fraudulent activities since 2010. EMT was one of the firms accredited by the state to provide training to workers in proper handling and inspection of asbestos. EMT reportedly let workers watch a movie during classes instead of teaching them lessons on how to properly extract asbestos. They also created fake documents and accepted money in exchange for allowing workers to skip training and receive credit. Asbestos-removal jobs were bid on despite improperly trained workers.

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