Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Two companies in Oregon fined for improperly containing asbestos

A December 17 report of stated that two companies in Oregon were ordered to pay a combined fine of more than $20,000 for improperly handling asbestos in a home project.

Reports said the state’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) ordered VIP Construction to pay fine of $11,200 for the improper disposal of asbestos fibers extracted from a house on 3431 S.E. Rex Street. DEQ stated that VIP possibly exposed people living in the area by improperly disposing of the material containing asbestos fibers. The company hired VIP, Classic Image Homes was also ordered to pay $9,529 for hiring the unlicensed company.

No level of asbestos exposure is considered to be safe; even low levels can cause fatal mesothelioma cancer. If you or a loved one have developed mesothelioma, working with a lawyer is important, especially if you think that negligent parties are involved. Fill out the contact form on the top of this page today to find out more about asbestos hazards and how a lawyer may represent you.

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