Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

$3.5M awarded to children of mesothelioma victim

The Washington family of a woman who died of mesothelioma from inhaling second hand asbestos was ordered to receive $3.5 million worth of compensation for their loss, the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance reported on May 5.

Reports said Barbara Brandes died of mesothelioma on April 15 after she was diagnosed in February of last year. Brandes reportedly became exposed to asbestos while cleaning her husband’s asbestos-laden clothes. Brandes husband Raymond, who worked in a refinery, succumbed to several diseases, including asbestosis. Raymond was not aware that he was exposing his family to asbestos he gathered from his workplace. Raymond’s company was found guilty of negligence in King’s County Court after a recent trial. The Washington State considers the award to be the largest recorded for cases of second-hand asbestos exposure.

Family members unfortunately are at high risk of developing fatal mesothelioma cancer if one of them works in occupations that are regularly exposed to asbestos. Though mesothelioma is fatal, people who acquire it may be given treatment funds if an employer was negligent. If you or your family members believe that you have been exposed to asbestos, get in touch with a lawyer today by filling out the contact form on the top of this page to find out how you may get help.

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