Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Former BNSF employees suing company for asbestos exposure

Three people who are plagued with respiratory disease allegedly due to work-related asbestos exposure filed a lawsuit against BNSF Railway on June 3, a report from the Daily Reporter stated.

The plaintiffs, identified as Gary Sachtjen, Charles Anderson and Harold Gjerman, all claimed that their workplace surroundings were filled with materials that contained asbestos. A lawyer representing the plaintiffs said that BNSF was liable for putting its workers at risk, as the company failed to provide a safe workplace. The plaintiffs, who worked in the railway for at least 34 years each, are currently seeking compensation of $300,000 for each of them. The lawsuit also identified former railway operators as defendants, including Portland, Seattle, and Spokane Railways. Reports revealed that several lawsuits have been filed against the railway company in past years.

Workers unfortunately develop mesothelioma, a rare and fatal cancer that affects the lungs, when asbestos fibers are inhaled over time. If you have developed respiratory illnesses from asbestos exposure, a lawyer may help you seek compensation if negligent parties are involved. Learn more about asbestos hazards and how you may file a claim against negligent companies today by filling out the contact form on the top of this page.    

Modified asbestos bill may limit victims’ claims

A group of lawyers are criticizing the amended asbestos bill recently signed Governor Doug Ducey, claiming it will limit the compensations that should be given to asbestos victims, The Island Packet reported on April 11.

Governor Ducey reportedly signed the amended House Bill 2603 to further promote fairness and transparency in asbestos litigation. Under the amended bill, people filing lawsuits after being harmed by asbestos should give a sworn statement announcing any current or future claims they may file. In certain situations, businesses that are being sued may possibly prolong court proceedings by asking a judge to delay it if the victim could file a claim through one of the many trust funds set up for asbestos victims. The governor signed the bill days after national asbestos awareness week.

People unfortunately develop asbestosis or mesothelioma, a rare cancer, after being exposed to asbestos over a period of time.If this has happened to you, and you believe that negligent companies are liable, get in touch with a lawyer today by filling out the contact form on the top of this page. An asbestos attorney may help you determine your eligibility to pursue funds to pay for past and future medical expenses and other damages.

Melbourne cement plant probed for asbestos-related fatalities

The Australian Health Department is urging the Victorian Cancer Registry to investigate an old cement plant in Sunshine North because it is suspected to be causing asbestos-related fatalities in the area, stated on October 12.

The Wunderlich factory is likely linked to those in the community who have died of illnesses stemming from asbestos exposure. Some former workers of the company and their family members have developed serious respiratory problems, an attorney stated. The site used to be a major asbestos manufacturing plant for several decades, and due to a inefficient cleanup effort, the area may still be unsafe. Health Minister David Davis stated that he was only aware of the issue when the media covered incident; his department is now investigating the matter.

If you or your loved one has been exposed to asbestos dust, you could develop a serious condition like mesothelioma, which often requires expensive treatment. However, you should know that remunerations may be awarded on your behalf if negligent parties are liable for your exposure. Find out how an attorney may represent you by filling out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Gretna widow sue companies over husband’s asbestos-related death

A woman who lost her husband last year from mesothelioma cancer and asbestosis recently filed lawsuits against the companies responsible for his exposure to asbestos, the Louisiana Record stated on August 8.

In the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Shirley Holmes against more than a dozen companies, she claimed that her husband Kermit, who used to work at Avondale shipyard in the 70’s, died last September due to asbestos exposure in his workplace. Kermit’s workplace reportedly lacked safety equipment to prevent workers from inhaling asbestos. Holmes is also accusing the companies of negligence in disseminating information on the dangers of asbestos exposure to workers.

If inhaled over a certain period of time, asbestos can cause fatal diseases that affect the respiratory system. Companies can be held liable if they neglect to provide safety precautions to their workers and other people. If you suspect that this happened to you or a loved one, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today to get important information about asbestos and learn how a lawyer may help you.

Tacoma asbestos removal firm faked training, documents

A Tacoma-based asbestos removal company on pleaded guilty on May 2 of providing fake workers’ training and other fraudulent acts, an article by the Seattle Times reported on May 3.

According to state’s assistant attorney Joshua Choate, Emergency Management Training (EMT) has been conducting bogus training sessions and performing fraudulent activities since 2010. EMT was one of the firms accredited by the state to provide training to workers in proper handling and inspection of asbestos. EMT reportedly let workers watch a movie during classes instead of teaching them lessons on how to properly extract asbestos. They also created fake documents and accepted money in exchange for allowing workers to skip training and receive credit. Asbestos-removal jobs were bid on despite improperly trained workers.

People who are not properly trained in to deal with asbestos have a higher risk of suffering from deadly respiratory disease. By filling out the contact form on the top of this page today, you can get valuable information about asbestos, its health risk, and how you can be helped if you think you have been exposed to the hazardous mineral.

Wisconsin governor signs asbestos lawsuit bill

On March 27, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the controversial asbestos lawsuit bill that is opposed by Democrats and victims of asbestos, an article from the Star Tribune stated.

According to spokeswoman Laurel Patrick, the new law will prevent the legal counsel of asbestos victims from “double dipping.” Under the new bill that was signed by Gov. Walker before he went to Las Vegas, those filing asbestos lawsuits must identify the companies that they will sue.

Supporters of the bill claimed the amendments were necessary to protect the asbestos trust funds from multiple claims filed by victims. On the other hand, democrats and veterans have criticized the asbestos bill because it may prevent asbestos victims from getting the justice and compensation they deserve.

By filling out the contact form on the top of this page today, you can get information about the dangers of asbestos and potentially taking legal action.

Wisconsin governor urged not to approve asbestos lawsuit bill

Veterans and relatives of asbestos victims are urging Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker not to sign a bill that will slow down asbestos-related lawsuits, an article by the Chippewa Herald stated on March 18.

Under the new bill, which was approved by the senate recently, legal representatives of asbestos exposure claimants would have to disclose all of the companies that they intended to hold liable. As a result of this bill, veterans and the families of asbestos victims are concerned that claims will be hampered and victims may not get the justice they deserve.

Governor Walker’s spokeswoman, Jocelyn Webste,r said the new asbestos bill will make all asbestos-related lawsuits transparent.

Asbestos can cause life threatening illnesses when a person is exposed to it. To learn more about asbestos exposure and the help you can get if you are suffering from such exposure, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Bill requiring asbestos plaintiffs to disclose trusts receives approval at Wisconsin Assembly

Wisconsin lawmakers approved a bill that will require asbestos plaintiffs to make their current asbestos claim or their intention to file a personal injury lawsuit regarding asbestos public knowledge .

The Wisconsin Assembly, in a vote of 58-39, passed Assembly Bill 19, which will force asbestos plaintiffs to disclose claims filed with asbestos bankruptcy trusts before taking action on the same claim and getting started with initial court proceedings with a solvent business. The measure is now pending approval in the state Senate.

Representative Andre Jacque (Republican of De Pere), author of the bill, said the intent of the measure is to practice transparency by making information regarding a plaintiff’s litigation plans concerning companies he is accusing of committing asbestos-related negligence readily available.

Asbestos is a substance that is known to cause mesothelioma, a type of cancer that affects the healthy operation of internal organs, including the lungs and the heart. For more information on the illness, recommended treatments, and litigation advice, feel free to contact our offices.

Fears regarding Wisconsin Assembly Bill 19

A bill proposed in Wisconsin has received flak from its critics due to their allegations that such a proposal can cause the lengthening of asbestos-caused mesothelioma claims cases, essentially disabling the ability of courts to award victims before their conditions worsen or they die.

Assembly Bill 19, introduced by DePere State Rep. Andre Jacque, provides discovery and scheduling requirements for a plaintiff filing a personal injury case. The bill mandates that a plaintiff should make it known to a court that he or she is filing a case, with the case only moving forward if the court has decided that there is enough proof of claim. Jacque said the bill is designed to prevent attorneys from “seeking additional awards beyond what fair compensation might be.”

The Assembly Judiciary Committee heard arguments both for and against the bill on Thursday, April 4.

To learn more about asbestos and mesothelioma or to get support if you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, get in touch with someone who can help by filling out the contact form.

Penalty of $850,000 fine to be meted out to erring businessman

A Springfield Township businessman, David Sugar, Sr., will have to pay $850,000 to compensate for the asbestos contamination that his company’s team wrought upon unsuspecting civilians during their demolition of an old steel mill in Steubenville, Ohio.

Sugar, who also violated the law when he bribed ex-Congressman Jim Traficant in 2003, was sentenced by Jefferson County Judge Joseph Bruzzese, Jr. to pay the fine for not taking consideration of the asbestos dispersed in the area when he had the old Weirton Steel plant demolished.

Sugar had already been sentenced to other penalties for other charges related to the case last year, including 15 weekends in jail, three years of probation with house arrest, and a $10,000 fine after admitting guilt to four counts of Clean Air Act violations.

Asbestos are responsible for causing a serious disease known as mesothelioma. Tragically, this extremely deadly disease effects numerous Americans each year due to irresponsible and reckless people, like Sugar. For more information about this disease, asbestos, and other related topics, visit our site or get in touch with a representative.





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