Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

$7.7M awarded to bus operator’s widow in Syracuse asbestos lawsuit

A total of $7.7 million was recently awarded by a Syracuse court jury to a woman after her husband succumbed to mesothelioma after prolonged asbestos exposure in his workplace, reported on January 6.

Reports said Mary’s husband Lewis Nash, 81, died of mesothelioma cancer in 2012 after he was exposed to asbestos fibers in a garage where school buses were repaired or maintained. A lawyer representing Nash’s family said some of the bus parts contained asbestos and contaminated the air in the garage. The buses owned by Fayetteville-Manlinus school, where Lewis worked for more than 30 years as a driver, were obtained from Navistar. Late last year, the jury ruled that Navistar was accountable for Lewis’ death after his family and other witnesses gave their testimonies. The amount awarded, considered to be the largest settlement awarded for asbestos exposure in Syracuse, was given to the family to compensate them for taking care of Lewis and for Mary’s loss.

Aside from great physical and emotional pain, families who lost their loved ones after being exposed to asbestos also suffer from great financial difficulties. When asbestos is inhaled, people are at risk of developing fatal mesothelioma cancer. If you want to know more about asbestos danger and how a lawyer may work for you, simply fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Kilgore College staff member claims years-long asbestos exposure

A long-time staff member of Kilgore College recently revealed that thousands of people may have been exposed to asbestos minerals inside the campus, the Longview News-Journal reported on November 19.

College director Dalton Smith claimed that he was repeatedly instructed to hide the existence of asbestos minerals in the campus. Smith reportedly contacted investigators early this month due to concerns of possible asbestos exposure to thousands of people in different parts of the campus. Areas of the campus like the gym, library, halls and dormitories and other places where people gather were allegedly contaminated with asbestos, Smith said. Kilgore College, however, stated that the campus is “safe,” and they are not aware of ongoing investigation regarding asbestos.

After inhaling or coming into contact with asbestos minerals, people are at risk of suffering a specific type of cancer called mesothelioma. If you believe you have this condition and suspect negligent parties are liable for your asbestos exposure, it could be critical to your health to enlist the help of an attorney who may help you pursue compensation. Learn more about mesothelioma and how a lawyer may represent you by filling out the contact form on the top of this page today.





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