Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Asbestos found at Washington high school, causes demolition delays

Asbestos was unexpectedly found during the demolition phase of a renovation at Wapato High School in Washington state, causing delays in the construction project at the school.

According to construction crews, the discovery has prompted an extension of the cleanup process at the school.  The remodeling project was supposed to be completed before the school year began, but it is now behind schedule.

Officials with the school have stated that the safety of students and teachers is not at risk, but managing the flow of students within the school is difficult. Fortunately, the  demolition phase that construction crews are currently working on is scheduled to be completed this week, and the next phase is supposed to begin shortly thereafter.

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Asbestos removal to occur at the Northampton County library

Asbestos removal is set to begin at the Northampton County Courthouse after the county found asbestos at this location and 11 other areas throughout the county.

The Environmental Protection Agency was notified of the asbestos at the Northampton County Courthouse law library and the removal process began this week.

Officials have stated that workers will be removing asbestos and that this will take between four and six weeks because it will have to be removed from all of the material inside of the library.

This has been the second time that asbestos has been removed from this area of the courthouse, but allegedly courthouse officials do not know how the carcinogenic ended up back in the library. Other buildings in the county have already undergone asbestos removal and are reopening at this time.

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St. Louis street closed after pipeline rupture released asbestos into the air

A street in downtown St. Louis will be closed all week after a pipe burst last week and the rupture blew a hole in the asphalt that released asbestos insulation fibers into the air.

One area of 11th Street has already opened and after test results on contamination levels are returned, Lucas Avenue will be reopened after that. Officials with the company who manages the pipe have stated that fixing it may take anywhere from a week to 10 days.

Cleaning the area has not been an easy process. Tests that were done on Monday still showed signs of asbestos contamination. The Easter holiday also slowed down the process as crews now work to clean streets, balconies, buildings, and roofs. It is still unknown at this time what caused the pipe to rupture.

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Possible asbestos discovery at Sunrise Mall

The Sunrise Mall in Massena is currently being studied after legislators determined that there may be asbestos in the area. The survey will be done in order for the building owners to determine if they should charge rent or try and get rid of the building.

The building is currently owned by St. Lawrence County, but they are hesitant to collect rent from tenants because it would make them liable for deficiencies within the building. The number one deficiency in question is whether or not there is asbestos in the basement.

There are allegedly asbestos in bags on the basement floor that was removed from pipes but never disposed of properly. Legislators are now going forward with a $3,600 survey that has been funded by the reserves that are set up in an environmental reserve.

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Vermont towns to decide fate of asbestos mines

Two towns in Vermont will be voting whether or not an asbestos mine will be named as a site of Superfund hazardous waste or not.

If named a Superfund hazardous site, it will be cleaned up and turned into a biomass plant in the future. There is currently a developer that is interested in the abandoned mine site, but the area must be cleaned first and this could cost up to $2 million.

Last year, the two towns were asked to vote yes in order to turn the mine into hazardous waste site, but some are opposed because it may cause property taxes to raise in the area.

The cleanup for this process is said to take up to 10 years to complete and the EPA has stated that it will not be on the Superfund list unless it was approved by nearby towns.

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$10 million asbestos lawsuit awarded in Missouri

A $10 million asbestos lawsuit has been awarded in Missouri over claims of improperly handling asbestos materials at the Jackson County Courthouse.

According to the lawsuit, a woman claimed that a U.S. Engineering Co. did not properly handle asbestos materials at the courthouse where she worked for 27 years. The woman claims that she developed mesothelioma as a result.

After the woman filed the lawsuit in October 2010, she lost her battle with the aggressive cancer. This is now the largest suit, regarding asbestos, in Missouri history.

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Mass. school cited for improperly removing asbestos

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Massachusetts school a citation for improperly removing asbestos.

According to the Boston Globe, during the asbestos project that occurred in 2009, the cleaning staff removed asbestos tiles by just throwing them into normal trashcans outside.

This occurred while the students were on the campus. It has been said that teachers and students were not exposed to the material, but it is also unknown whether the staff had protective masks on. The containers were then found behind the school.

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Developer sued for violating asbestos removal laws

A developer must  now pay $100,000 for allegedly violating the laws put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency when removing asbestos.

The incident occurred as the developer worked on a renovation and converted the former Union Products plastics into retail space. The project was shut down in 2009 after investigators noticed that the correct precautions were not put into place in order to prevent dangerous asbestos fibers from becoming airborne.

Asbestos particles are the primary cause of a rare cancer, mesothelioma. Workers illegally removed asbestos fibers from pipes that were covered with it. After the project was stopped, the attorney general filed a lawsuit against the developer.

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Man sentenced after violating asbestos regulations

A California man has been sentenced after violating the federal Clean Air Act after he neglected to tell workers that ceiling tiles at an apartment complex development they were working at contained asbestos.

This work site was eventually shut down after this information was found. It recently became public that the man was sentenced to four months in jail for failing to inform the workers that they were being exposed to toxic material.

Another executive in the company was sentenced to house confinement for six months for the role they played in the incident.

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Movie to be made about Mesothelioma patient Steve McQueen

A new movie is scheduled to made about Mesothelioma cancer victim, Steve McQueen. It has just been announced that Jeremy Renner, an exciting actor in this generation, will play him.

The legendary actor, Steve McQueen, died at age 50 of mesothelioma cancer. He once said in an interview that he was diagnosed with this due to his exposure to asbestos.

He stated that he wore suits aligned with asbestos and stripped asbestos from poles when he was a Marine. After he was diagnosed, he sought out an experimental surgery in Mexico, but was deemed to weak for it.

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