Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Merlin Olsen’s family settles asbestos lawsuit

The family of actor and football star, Merlin Olsen, has now settled an asbestos lawsuit that was filed after their family member died of mesothelioma lung cancer that he was diagnosed with later in life.

Olsen was once a member of the Los Angeles Ram’s “Fearsome Foursome”  while he was a defensive tackle in the 1960s. He later appeared on the television show “Little House on the Prairie”  as well as commercials for the National Football League.

Olsen died in March 2010 after battling the rare cancer that is primarily caused by exposure to asbestos particles. The lawsuit was filed against 10 companies that Olsen worked at when he was younger and they either manufactured asbestos products or used them.

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Joplin tornado may have left asbestos exposed

The tornado that occurred in Joplin, Mo. and ripped through the area destroying homes and businesses may still be affecting the town. Officials think that environmental hazards may now be a concern.

Older buildings that were damaged in the storm may contain asbestos. When left alone, asbestos is not a a danger, but when it is disturbed and can become airborne.

After it is airborne, it can be ingested by people nearby and then can lead to lung cancer or asbestos-related diseases. Experts have said that this can happen in the cleanup process of natural disasters. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent teams to investigate the Joplin area, but have found no serious pollution issues at this time.

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Former Buffalo Bills player charged with asbestos violations

A former Buffalo Bills football player, who now owns an asbestos company, has been charged with asbestos violations.

The man is the owner and operator of S.D. Specialty Services and was charged with a federal charge of violating the Clean Air Act.

Environmental agents raided the office and found a large amount of asbestos material that was not secured of properly. Investigators determined that the asbestos was from previous project that the company worked on.

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Virus Therapy Proves Hopeful

A new type of virus therapy is being explored which could help cancer patients who would otherwise be undergoing chemotherapy treatment. In this new form of virus therapy, a virus would be used to strategically attack only cancerous cells, leaving the healthy cells untouched. This is in stark contrast to chemotherapy treatment, in which healthy and cancerous cells are attacked indiscriminately.

This treatment would be even more effective if the virus could be harnessed to express the anti-viral protein interferon-beta.

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Veterans at Heightened Asbestos Risk

The US Department of Veterans Affairs announced recently that hundreds of thousands of the men and women who have served their country in the armed forces have come into contact with asbestos during their careers. Approximately 30% of the thousands of Americans diagnosed with mesothelioma are veterans.

Mesothelioma is a particularly virulent and deadly form of cancer, linked to exposure to asbestos. Asbestos was used as a fire retardant for decades in several industries, including the military. Over 300 products containing asbestos were regularly used in the US armed forces from the 1930s until the 1970s.

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Woman's $20M Mesothelioma Verdict Upheld

A California appellate court upheld a $20 million verdict in the case of a woman who developed mesothelioma cancer as a result of exposure to a joint compound produced by Georgia Pacific. Mesothelioma is a virulent form of cancer linked to asbestos exposure.

According to the case, Georgia Pacific was aware that asbestos was dangerous, but continued to used it in the construction of the joint compound. The woman came into contact with the product during the thirty years she spend remodeling homes with her husband. Unfortunately, soon after she was diagnosed with the disease, her husband had a stroke. The woman’s chemotherapy treatment made caring for her husband difficult.

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