Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Marine veteran dies from mesothelioma before making it to court

A Marine veteran, John Johnson, who developed malignant mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos on the job, filed a lawsuit against multiple companies, but passed away before he was ever able to make it to court.

Johnson’s family is now claiming that the defense attorneys stalled so that Johnson would die before he could ever receive any money for his pain. InĀ  California, asbestos defendants can have up to 20 hours of plaintiff depositions and even though Johnson’s doctors stated that 12 hours of deposition time would be more than Johnson could handle, he had to give a total of 25 hours total from the companies he sued.

His family stated that he put off going to court in order to make all of the deposition hearings. This included the last deposition, on Jan. 23 when he answered questions from dozens of attorneys. Forty minutes after this deposition, Johnson collapsed and he was taken to Hoag Memorial Hospital, where he died the next day.

Cases like this one have some concerned that legal technicalities are preventing asbestos victims from getting the compensation they deserve. Asbestos law is not a factor of determining whether or not asbestos causes mesothelioma, but more then letting the defendant blame someone else for these claims. Officials are now hoping for a better solution to help asbestos victims.

For more information on this case, please visit the LA Times online today.

If you or a loved one has been exposed to asbestos and was diagnosed with mesothelioma as a result, contact us today.





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