Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Lawsuit claims Paterson schools negligently handled asbestos

A former Environmental Occupational Health and Safety Officer in Paterson has filed a lawsuit against her former employer due to concerns that asbestos was wrongfully handled in schools with nearly 30,000 students and staffs, an article of reported on December 7.

Brenda Zemo was relieved from her post after filing a complaint against her employer. In her lawsuit, Zemo claimed her superior, Executive Director Steve Morlino, was negligent and did not enlist qualified personnel when removing asbestos in school facilities. Zemo’s lawsuit then claimed that Morlino’s negligence resulted in several environmental violations, such as hiring unlicensed individuals to remove asbestos-laden debris.

Many families are left struggling when companies become negligent in handling asbestos removal in construction or renovation projects. Asbestos has been known to cause mesothelioma cancer. If you have been exposed to asbestos, find out what to do by filling out the contact form on the top of this page.

University building in Michigan still closed due to asbestos

An old administration building at the Central Michigan University is still closed “temporarily” after asbestos was discovered in the facilities, the Midland Daily News reported on June 8.

According to reports, employees at Warriner Hall were temporarily relocated to other offices on campus or were allowed to work from home when the administration building was ordered closed in May. The extended closure of the building was required in order for abatement workers to completely remove asbestos from all the floors, including the basement. As of reporting, the reopening date of the building has not been set.

When asbestos dust gets into the lungs, people may develop a rare respiratory cancer that is often fatal. If you want to know more about the dangers of asbestos and how an attorney may possibly work for you in this difficult situation, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Huntsville elementary school undergoing asbestos removal

Parents whose children attend Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary in Huntsville are worried for their kids’ safety after learning that the school premises contains asbestos, WBRC reported on May 23.

Reports revealed that Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary is the only old school left in Huntsville that has not undergone asbestos extraction. An expert said that scar tissue in the lungs may result if asbestos dust is inhaled. Asbestos removal on the school premises is underway, but parents are concerned their children may have already been exposed. Friction applied to the floor tiles, which contain asbestos in the elementary school, may result in asbestos contamination in the air.

Oxygen is difficult to absorb in the bloodstream if the lungs develop scar tissue, as they may when asbestos is inhaled. If you want to know more about the hazards of asbestos and how a lawyer may work for you if you have been exposed through negligence, fill out the contact form at the top of this page.

Two companies in Oregon fined for improperly containing asbestos

A December 17 report of stated that two companies in Oregon were ordered to pay a combined fine of more than $20,000 for improperly handling asbestos in a home project.

Reports said the state’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) ordered VIP Construction to pay fine of $11,200 for the improper disposal of asbestos fibers extracted from a house on 3431 S.E. Rex Street. DEQ stated that VIP possibly exposed people living in the area by improperly disposing of the material containing asbestos fibers. The company hired VIP, Classic Image Homes was also ordered to pay $9,529 for hiring the unlicensed company.

No level of asbestos exposure is considered to be safe; even low levels can cause fatal mesothelioma cancer. If you or a loved one have developed mesothelioma, working with a lawyer is important, especially if you think that negligent parties are involved. Fill out the contact form on the top of this page today to find out more about asbestos hazards and how a lawyer may represent you.

Two Seattle companies shut down over asbestos violation

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) recently de-certified two asbestos extraction companies and ordered them to pay $379,100 for negligence in disposing of the dangerous material on a demolition site, an article on reported November 10.

L&I alleged that at least 19 counts of serious and willful violations were committed by Partners Construction and Asbestos Construction Management (ACM) on a demolition job at 3924 Linden Ave. North. The two related companies were said to have compromised the safety of their workers and the public. Piles of debris with asbestos were reportedly left at the demolition site where an apartment complex was slated to be built. One resident in the area said he is especially concerned about the exposure because he has had an asbestos scare in his past and knows how dangerous the material can be.

Fatal health risks that affect the respiratory system may occur in people who are exposed to asbestos fibers. If you develop such an illness related to asbestos, enlisting a lawyer is important, especially if you believe that negligent parties are liable for your asbestos exposure. To learn more about the health hazards associated with asbestos and how you may possibly get treatment funds, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

House session halted due to asbestos incident

A House session on July 10 was temporarily halted due to a possible release of asbestos in the area, an article by USA Today stated.

Reports said the possible asbestos release incident happened at around 2:00 a.m. in the Capitol’s House side. After several hours of inspection conducted by engineers and industrial hygienist experts, the Architect of the Capitol’s office stated that the establishment was safe to be opened. However, some parts in the area remained barricaded. Members of the Congress and their staffs were allowed to enter the premises at around 9:00 a.m. Tours were also deemed safe soon after investigation.

People who accidentally inhale asbestos fibers may suffer from life-threatening illnesses that affect the respiratory system. If you suspect that you have been exposed to harmful fibers due to irresponsible parties, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today to learn how a lawyer may help you.

Owner of Sioux City establishment charged for wrongful asbestos removal

A business owner in Sioux City allegedly violated the Clean Air Act due to improper asbestos removal, a Sioux City Journal article stated on June 25.

A hearing is scheduled for Larry Wolf at a Sioux City federal court for numerous asbestos law violations. The building reportedly had its asbestos-laden insulation around metal pipes removed by untrained workers. Wolf also failed to notify the state that he would conduct building renovations and made falsifications to EPA. Sample materials from the building were taken by authorities that will be tested for asbestos.

Negligent individuals who fail to follow asbestos laws endanger the lives of people who, if exposed, may develop serious health problems from this mineral. By filling out the contact form on the top of this page, you can get important information regarding asbestos hazards and how you can get help if you have been exposed to it due to other’s negligence.

Asbestos removal contractor in Massachusetts fined for violations

An asbestos removal firm in Massachusetts was recently ordered to pay a fine worth $24,400 after the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) ruled that they violated asbestos regulations, an article on 22News stated on April 7.

According to reports, contractor firm MJ Environmental improperly extracted asbestos in a building at Bartlett Street in Pittsfield in 2012. The Mass DEP has initially required the firm to pay at least $10,000, but will waive the remaining balance of the fine if MJ properly follows the state’s regulations for removing asbestos for the next two years.

Mass DEP stressed the accountability of asbestos removal firms in protecting the health of the public.

If not properly removed, asbestos may be accidentally inhaled by unsuspecting people, causing them serious, potentially fatal, health problems. To learn more about asbestos and how people exposed to the mineral can get help, please feel free to fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Only 2 inspectors oversee asbestos extraction in Iowa State

In the whole state of Iowa, only two persons are assigned to supervise an average of 4,500 projects annually that deal with asbestos disposal, an article by the Sioux City Journal reported on March 3.

The concern regarding the lack of inspectors in the state was raised after a project last January came under fire after a second inspection revealed that there was a lapse committed in disposing of asbestos in the area. Under Iowa’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only inspector Tom Wuehr supervises the removal of the hazardous minerals in Iowa, while inspector Lynn Pickard, on the other hand, makes sure that Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for handling asbestos are being implemented.

A lack of asbestos inspectors is a nationwide concern, according to Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization president Linda Reinstein.

Unfortunately, people may suffer serious health problems if asbestos is accidentally inhaled. If you think you or to a loved one has been exposed to asbestos and is suffering as a result, fill out the form on the top of this page to find out more information about asbestos fibers.

New York elementary school investigated for asbestos contamination

A follow-up investigation at David Elementary School on asbestos exposure was recently conducted by New York State investigators.

The investigation at Davis Elementary School was prompted in July of 2013 by Talk of the Sound, a local news source, and sparked the DOL and DEC to launch their own investigations.

Informants told the news source that John Gallagher, an Aramark consultant, and George Wood, a  plumbing contractor, were responsible for the improper removal and disposal of asbestos-laden floor tiles. Department of Labor spokeswoman, Jennifer Krinsky declined to comment on the ongoing investigation.

Asbestos inhalation can cause fatal illnesses that result in expensive medical costs. An attorney can help you pursue compensation from negligent parties. Fill out the contact form at the top of this page to speak with a lawyer today.







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