Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

Trash bags filled with asbestos illegally left near children’s park

A community in Lancaster Way in the U.K. faced a potential threat after someone illegally dumped trash bags containing cancer-causing asbestos particles near a children’s park. Authorities began investigating the mess after a concerned citizen took photos of the area and posted them on Facebook, an August 22 article of Birmingham Mail reported.

Reports said 30-year-old Aaron Bradley was heading to work when he noticed the rubble and trash bags illegally scattered on the roadside. Bradley, who suspected the bags may contain asbestos, reportedly took pictures of the area and uploaded them on Facebook to warn residents. Bradley’s post alerted the Solihull Council, prompting them to deploy crews to investigate the area. In one of the photos posted, the clear trash bags together with other rubble were seen a few meters away from a residential area. In a second photo, white particles were seen from a punctured trash bag.

According to Bradley, a child exposed to asbestos may be diagnosed with lung cancer after 15 years due to someone else’s negligence. In the U.S. alone, many people are diagnosed with mesothelioma after coming into contact with asbestos dust. If you want to know more about asbestos hazards and how a legal counsel may be able to work for you, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Ways to prevent mesothelioma at home

Families are often devastated upon learning that their loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma disease. As it has been proven that mesothelioma can be developed as a result of asbestos exposure, families at home may want to implement the following safety procedures to protect themselves from this fatal disease.

If renting an apartment unit, try to find out when the building was constructed. Buildings and homes that were made several decades ago likely have been built using asbestos-laden materials due to its fireproof properties. Families who suspect that their home contains asbestos materials should prevent the material from getting damaged to avoid dusts from the asbestos contaminating the air. Old floor tiles that contain asbestos, for example, should not be scratched by frequently moving furniture inside the house. For those who are unsure if their home contains asbestos, there are professionals who are trained to detect asbestos. Individuals who have loved ones whose workplaces are confirmed to have asbestos should clean themselves first and change clothes before going home to prevent bringing home asbestos.

For families who want to know more about mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos exposure at home, simply fill out the contact form at the top of this page to get in touch with a legal counsel.

Ohio school found with asbestos

The debris from a demolished building at an elementary school in Conneaut reportedly contained asbestos according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Star Beacon reported on September 11.

Linda Oros of the EPA stated that they found asbestos from the debris while the building at Amboy Elementary School was being demolished last August. The EPA was unable to measure the amount of asbestos from the building because they were not informed before the demolition was started. The EPA is requiring the demolition contractor to remove the debris and special actions will be done to avoid asbestos from contaminating the air. A charge of first-degree misdemeanor was filed against property owner Rudy Pryately Sr. after he neglected an order from a fire official. The EPA initially suspected the presence of asbestos in the school that was constructed several decades ago.

People unfortunately suffer from a rare and often fatal lung cancer called mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos in the air. However, if you think this happens to you or to a loved one, financial assistance may possibly be given to you if negligent companies are liable. If you want to know more about the dangers of asbestos or how a lawyer may work for you, simply fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Workers in Illinois exposed to asbestos

At least eight workers renovating an elementary school in Okawville, Illinois were exposed to asbestos. The companies responsible are facing stiff penalties from federal authorities, an article from the U.S. Department of Labor reported.

According to investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), companies Kehrer Brothers Construction and D7 Roofing committed numerous OSHA violations for exposing their workers to asbestos. The companies reportedly did not provide trainings and information to their workers regarding the dangers of asbestos. The two companies may face fines of $1,792,000 if they fail to contest the multiple citations given to them by OSHA.

Asbestos dust can become airborne and lodge into the lungs of those working around the material are left unprotected. When asbestos is inhaled, people are at high risk of developing fatal mesothelioma cancer. If you want to know more about the dangers of asbestos and what you need to do if you are exposed to the mineral, simply fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Asbestos detected inside high school auditorium in Orange Village

School officials in Pepper Pike, Ohio were recently informed that the auditorium at Orange High School, which the school board is currently renovating, contains asbestos, an August 11 article from reported.

Superintendent Ed Holland informed school officials of asbestos in the ceiling of the 40-year-old auditorium at the school. Upon detecting the hazardous material in the 8,800 square-foot building, reconstruction was ceased and will not resume until the asbestos removal process is complete and the area is certified by the EPA. Holland stated that they are fortunate that the asbestos was contained within the ceilings, thus keeping students and staff safe from its toxic properties.

When asbestos fibers enter to the lungs through inhalation, people can develop mesothelioma or a rare but fatal cancer linked to asbestos exposure. Get more information about the dangers of asbestos and how a skilled lawyer may work to represent your mesothelioma case today by filling out the contact form at the top of this page.

Pennsylvania company fined $490K for violating asbestos law

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited an insulation company in York, PA for willfully violating asbestos law, ABC 27 News stated on April 23.

According to reports First Capital Insulation Inc. is being ordered to a pay penalty of $490,000 after allegations that they allowed their three workers to be exposed to asbestos while extracting thermal pipe insulation from a Harrisburg house built in 1928. OSHA told reporters that companies should take special precautions against asbestos exposure when working on thermal pipe insulations in establishments built several decades ago. OSHA agents also found that the company failed to check the proper fitting of their workers’ respirators.

Sadly many workers suffer from fatal respiratory illness called mesothelioma as a result of their employers’ negligence in protecting them from being exposed to asbestos. If you or a loved one has been harmed by wrongful asbestos exposure, it may be wise to get in touch with a skilled attorney of the Mesothelioma Resource Center. Learn more about how a member of our legal team can help you obtain both financial compensation and justice by filling out the contact form a the top of this page.

Cleveland man enters guilty plea for violating environmental laws

An owner of several garbage-hauling businesses in the Cleveland area entered a guilty plea after being charged with Clean Air Act violations, an article on reported March 27.

Business owner Christopher Gattarello pleaded guilty for his involvement in demolishing the National Acme Building. He apparently submitted permission to demolish the building, and then, when rejected, proceeded with the demolition anyways. This may be due to the estimated cost of proper asbestos removal which would have totaled approximately $1.5 million for the job. Reports said asbestos particles may have reached a school and houses in Glenville due to the demolition. Gattarello is expected to receive his sentence on June 19.

Many people develop mesothelioma due to negligent company owners violating asbestos laws. If you want to learn more information about asbestos hazards and how a lawyer may help you seek compensation for your suffering, simply fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.      

86% of schools in UK contaminated with asbestos

An alarming 86% of UK schools reportedly are contaminated with asbestos, possibly putting students and school staff members at risk for developing respiratory illnesses, reported on March 12.

The data requested by “Asbestos in Schools Group” revealed that asbestos is present in 9 out of 10 schools. Mesothelioma, a cancer developed from asbestos exposure, has killed 158 teachers over the last decade. Certain areas in schools were found to be more likely to contain asbestos dust, like in boiler rooms. Group campaigner Michael Lees, whose wife also died of Mesothelioma, continuously advocates for asbestos awareness. Experts in UK stressed the importance of having a management plan to safely remove asbestos minerals in schools.

Asbestos contamination in American premises is also putting people at risk of developing cancers that affect the respiratory system. If you or someone you know has been harmed by asbestos exposure and  you want to learn more about your legal recourse, fill out the contact form on the top of this page.

Two companies in Oregon fined for improperly containing asbestos

A December 17 report of stated that two companies in Oregon were ordered to pay a combined fine of more than $20,000 for improperly handling asbestos in a home project.

Reports said the state’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) ordered VIP Construction to pay fine of $11,200 for the improper disposal of asbestos fibers extracted from a house on 3431 S.E. Rex Street. DEQ stated that VIP possibly exposed people living in the area by improperly disposing of the material containing asbestos fibers. The company hired VIP, Classic Image Homes was also ordered to pay $9,529 for hiring the unlicensed company.

No level of asbestos exposure is considered to be safe; even low levels can cause fatal mesothelioma cancer. If you or a loved one have developed mesothelioma, working with a lawyer is important, especially if you think that negligent parties are involved. Fill out the contact form on the top of this page today to find out more about asbestos hazards and how a lawyer may represent you.

Researchers may have discovered why mesothelioma often recurs

A group of researchers recently suggested that mesothelioma recurs likely due to the mutation of several cells, Fox News  reported on December 4.

According to the University of Hawaii Cancer Center researchers, mesothelioma is the outcome of “polyclonal tumors,” whereas most other cancers are caused by mutations in just one cell. The study likely explains the reason why patients who have undergone treatment at an early stage often experience recurrence. Lead research author Michele Carbone suggested that their research may help the further development of genomic medications in treating this kind of cancer.

Mesothelioma is an often fatal cancer that affects the lungs and is caused by asbestos inhalation. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, working with a skilled asbestos lawyer is important if you think negligent companies are liable for your exposure. Learn more about the dangers of mesothelioma and how our legal team may be able to help you get your much needed treatment funds today by filling out the contact form on the top of this page.





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