Mesothelioma or Asbestos Question?

$7.7M awarded to bus operator’s widow in Syracuse asbestos lawsuit

A total of $7.7 million was recently awarded by a Syracuse court jury to a woman after her husband succumbed to mesothelioma after prolonged asbestos exposure in his workplace, reported on January 6.

Reports said Mary’s husband Lewis Nash, 81, died of mesothelioma cancer in 2012 after he was exposed to asbestos fibers in a garage where school buses were repaired or maintained. A lawyer representing Nash’s family said some of the bus parts contained asbestos and contaminated the air in the garage. The buses owned by Fayetteville-Manlinus school, where Lewis worked for more than 30 years as a driver, were obtained from Navistar. Late last year, the jury ruled that Navistar was accountable for Lewis’ death after his family and other witnesses gave their testimonies. The amount awarded, considered to be the largest settlement awarded for asbestos exposure in Syracuse, was given to the family to compensate them for taking care of Lewis and for Mary’s loss.

Aside from great physical and emotional pain, families who lost their loved ones after being exposed to asbestos also suffer from great financial difficulties. When asbestos is inhaled, people are at risk of developing fatal mesothelioma cancer. If you want to know more about asbestos danger and how a lawyer may work for you, simply fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Two Seattle companies shut down over asbestos violation

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) recently de-certified two asbestos extraction companies and ordered them to pay $379,100 for negligence in disposing of the dangerous material on a demolition site, an article on reported November 10.

L&I alleged that at least 19 counts of serious and willful violations were committed by Partners Construction and Asbestos Construction Management (ACM) on a demolition job at 3924 Linden Ave. North. The two related companies were said to have compromised the safety of their workers and the public. Piles of debris with asbestos were reportedly left at the demolition site where an apartment complex was slated to be built. One resident in the area said he is especially concerned about the exposure because he has had an asbestos scare in his past and knows how dangerous the material can be.

Fatal health risks that affect the respiratory system may occur in people who are exposed to asbestos fibers. If you develop such an illness related to asbestos, enlisting a lawyer is important, especially if you believe that negligent parties are liable for your asbestos exposure. To learn more about the health hazards associated with asbestos and how you may possibly get treatment funds, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Cosmetic products made from talc may contain asbestos

An October 31 article on reported that researchers found people to be at risk of suffering from asbestos-related health condition by using cosmetic products with talcum powder.

Research done by three scientists in their respective laboratories discovered that some well-known cosmetic products made from talcum powder may contain hazardous asbestos dust. The study revealed that the asbestos found in talc mining sites are the same as those found in talcum cosmetic products. Asbestos dust, according to the study, may linger in the air after the product is applied which may then can be inhaled and settle in the lungs where cancers like mesothelioma could develop. The FDA does not regulate the ingredients of cosmetics.

People unfortunately may develop mesothelioma from accidentally inhaling hazardous asbestos dust. If you believe this has happened to you, working with a skilled legal team is important in order for you to further understand your condition and how you may possibly get financial help. Feel free to reach our lawyers today by filling out the contact form on the top of this page.

Hundreds of people in Sunshine North concerned about asbestos testing

Over 200 people in Sunshine North suburb recently sought to recuperate expenses they had to pay out-of-pocket to test their homes for asbestos contamination, the Herald Sun reported on October 20.

Sunshine North residents are urging the Brimbank Council and the State Government to reimburse the $300 they paid for the asbestos testing of their houses. Various health officials on October 19 were in the town to address concerns from residents. People in the area were angry upon learning that their community was contaminated with asbestos for decades without being detected until resident began to get sick. Some people in the area reportedly died from respiratory illnesses due to asbestos inhalation from an old concrete plant.

When your lungs are exposed to even low levels of asbestos, fatal illnesses may develop. However, if you suspect that you inhaled asbestos and negligent parties are responsible, a legal counsel may work for you. Fill out the contact form on the top of this page today to learn more about the dangers of asbestos and how a lawyer may possibly help you secure your much needed treatment funds.

Melbourne cement plant probed for asbestos-related fatalities

The Australian Health Department is urging the Victorian Cancer Registry to investigate an old cement plant in Sunshine North because it is suspected to be causing asbestos-related fatalities in the area, stated on October 12.

The Wunderlich factory is likely linked to those in the community who have died of illnesses stemming from asbestos exposure. Some former workers of the company and their family members have developed serious respiratory problems, an attorney stated. The site used to be a major asbestos manufacturing plant for several decades, and due to a inefficient cleanup effort, the area may still be unsafe. Health Minister David Davis stated that he was only aware of the issue when the media covered incident; his department is now investigating the matter.

If you or your loved one has been exposed to asbestos dust, you could develop a serious condition like mesothelioma, which often requires expensive treatment. However, you should know that remunerations may be awarded on your behalf if negligent parties are liable for your exposure. Find out how an attorney may represent you by filling out the contact form on the top of this page today.

Connecticut woman survives asbestos-related cancer

A woman from Stonington, Connecticut who had mesothelioma said that she has been free of the asbestos-related cancer for almost a year and a half, reported on September 26.

Runner and tennis enthusiast, Lisa Rolfe, learned that she had mesothelioma two years ago after experiencing chronic breathing difficulties and pain in the left side of her back. The mother of two says she must have been exposed to asbestos as a child while washing her father’s work clothes covered in asbestos dusts. Rolfe underwent chemotherapy and aggressive surgery to extract the tumors in her lung. Rolfe said that she has been cancer free for 17 months. Lisa and her family celebrated her battle by getting a tattoo with a message “Run to the roar.”

Individuals in the process of treating mesothelioma unfortunately are often faced with great financial loss due to costly treatment and maintenance needed for the best chance at a speedy recovery. Fill out the contact form at the top of the page to learn more about how we may help you.

Gretna widow sue companies over husband’s asbestos-related death

A woman who lost her husband last year from mesothelioma cancer and asbestosis recently filed lawsuits against the companies responsible for his exposure to asbestos, the Louisiana Record stated on August 8.

In the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Shirley Holmes against more than a dozen companies, she claimed that her husband Kermit, who used to work at Avondale shipyard in the 70’s, died last September due to asbestos exposure in his workplace. Kermit’s workplace reportedly lacked safety equipment to prevent workers from inhaling asbestos. Holmes is also accusing the companies of negligence in disseminating information on the dangers of asbestos exposure to workers.

If inhaled over a certain period of time, asbestos can cause fatal diseases that affect the respiratory system. Companies can be held liable if they neglect to provide safety precautions to their workers and other people. If you suspect that this happened to you or a loved one, fill out the contact form on the top of this page today to get important information about asbestos and learn how a lawyer may help you.

Bowburn woman exposed to asbestos receives compensation

A Bowburn woman who is suffered from health problems due to asbestos exposure in her childhood community recently received a payout from the company responsible for the asbestos exposure, according to an article published on Friday, October 18.

According to reports, the woman whose name was withheld, was exposed to asbestos from a local factory near her childhood home between the years 1967 and 1983. The woman is now suffering from terminal cancer after making snow balls that were contaminated with asbestos.

A court settled her case, and she was able to receive compensation from Cape Intermediate Holdings Plc.

The woman, who is currently living in London as a fashion designer, said that she was angry to learn that she and her other friends had been exposed to asbestos while innocently playing in their village.

In the United States alone, many people are traumatically affected by being exposed to asbestos. If you have developed mesothelioma or other health problems as a result of such exposure, you may be owed compensation. Fill out the contact form at the top of this page to find out more about legal options in this situation.

Abestos found in Luzerne County Community College classroom

Classes and laboratories were rescheduled after a test found trace amounts of asbestos – a construction material that is a proven carcinogen – in Building 2 of Luzerne County Community College in northern Pennsylvania.

The building is scheduled to be cleaned as a precaution measure, and according to a spokeswoman, courses should progress unhindered.

Sadly, not all cases of asbestos are caught and corrected so early. Many innocent people are harmed by exposure yearly.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer, or pleural plaques from asbestos exposure, you may be entitled to compensation. Please fill out the above form to receive information about filing an asbestos exposure case.

Dow chemical worker wins $6 million in Mesothelioma lawsuit

On Wednesday, August 21, a Louisiana jury ruled in favor of a former Dow Chemical worker and awarded him $6 million in connection with his mesothelioma caused by prolonged asbestos exposure.

Court records show that Dow Chemical, along with two other companies, were the defendants in a lawsuit filed by Sidney Mabile. The lawsuit claimed Dow was negligent in providing proper safety procedures and health precautions for the thousands of Dow employees who have been and still are being exposed to asbestos in the plants.

According to a Dow official, they are going to file an appeal of the Louisiana jury verdict.

During the past years, more and more people filing lawsuits against companies for negligent asbestos exposure are getting favorable decisions because of the clear link between asbestos and mesothelioma. To learn more about this legal action, mesothelioma, and asbestos, get in touch with us today.





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